The Odd Volume

The Odd Volume is an autobiographical solo that sources Ziyian Kwan’s memories of 70’s Vancouver to subvert the racialization that has been internalized by one womxn of colour. Centered around true stories from 1970’s Canada, the piece brings history forward, unsilencing oppression and eroding discrimination through a feminist and intersectional lens.

Whimsical and bold, the work questions how it’s possible to never arrive yet always yearn to belong. The performer  unsilences the odd volume of her identity and through content that is personal, shares ideas that  resonate with many people, regardless of their values or provenance.

The Odd Volume premiered at Dancing On The Edge 2019 and was also presented by The Scotia Bank Dance as part of its 2019 Dance In Vancouver Showcase.

Choreographer / Performer: Ziyian Kwan

Creative Consultant: Tedd Robinson      Lighting Design: James Proudfoot

Collaborative Research: Erika Mitsuhashi, Deanna Peters, Kelly McInnes, Francesca Frewer, Alexa Mardon, Emmalena Fredriksson, Rianne Svelnis