Kwan Yin

A duet for father and daughter that explores compassion and the emptiness nature of being.

The Mars Hotel

“ unapologetically promiscuous, polymorphous and perverse – Kwan’s queer take on love in The Mars Hotel is that she is interested in exploring its tropes in a manner that is deliberately askew, one that resists any totalizing grand narrative in favour of a slow accretion of episodes that are consistently off-kilter, that keep us off-balance and throw us off-course. Peter Dickinson, Performance, Place & Politics

a slow awkward

‘ a brutally honest look at the feminine and masculine, and the sometimes tricky, ungainly meeting of the two.’
Janet Smith, The Georgia Straight

Still Rhyming

Impressions from Patii Smith’s ‘M Train’, invoke a danced Koan, performed to live music by Jo Hirabayashi

In Vertebrate Dreams

In Vertebrate Dreams is the collaborative meeting of Vanessa Goodman and Ziyian Kwan, an exploration of their creative camaraderie.

the neck to fall

the neck to fall is Ziyian’s ode to somatic pioneer, Amelia Itcush