Made In Voyage

Made In Voyage | Dance In Vancouver 2021

Made In Voyage is a collection of solos that are odes to the 14 grandmothers of 7 dance artists: Shion Skye Carter, Justin Calvadores, Ziyian Kwan, Marisa Gold, Alexa Solveig Mardon, Zahra Shahab and Rianne Svelnis. Whimsical worlds in which truth is indeed, stranger than fiction – inspired by the grandmothers of a remarkable team of artists. Made In Voyage premiered in Fall 2020 at Morrow – as a pandemic pivot during which 6 performers shared 54 solo performances during a 3-week run for 5 audience members at a time. Again in Fall 2021, as a co-presentation with The Dance Centre and Powell Street Festival we presented a 10 performance run at Morrow, with 3 of the solos.

Special thanks from Dumb Instrument Dance to Powell Street Festival and The Dance Centre for co-producing performances of Made In Voyage at Dance In Vancouver 2021!

Photos: David Cooper