The Odd Volume

The live performance of The Odd Volume is an autobiographical solo that sources Ziyian Kwan’s memories of 70’s Vancouver to subvert a lifetime of internalized racism and racialization. Vignettes both poignant and bold, consider tensions of displacement and cultural assimilation. Central to the piece are questions around Ziyian’s immigrant experience as a first generation person of colour: what does it mean to know that one will never arrive yet always yearn to belong? Leaning into the poetic dissonance of vulnerability, the work unsilences the odd volume of one womxn’s identity and maps a road to healing.

The Odd Volume

The Odd Volume – Remixed

The Odd Volume – Remixed is a 6 minute video of Ziyian Kwan’s autobiographical solo that unsilences oppression and maps a road to healing – captured at the locations where life events happened in 70’s Vancouver. Performed with Joshua Wei and in collaboration with Videographer David Cooper and Composer/Pianist Stefan Nazarevich.

Live Performance: Choreographer / Performer: Ziyian Kwan

Creative Consultant: Tedd Robinson      Lighting Design: James Proudfoot

Collaborative Research: Erika Mitsuhashi, Deanna Peters, Kelly McInnes, Francesca Frewer, Alexa Mardon, Emmalena Fredriksson, Rianne Svelnis

photos: David Cooper