small beautifuls

small beautifuls is a term coined by Wendy Williams Watt that perfectly describes Morrow’s eclectic variety of handmade items – created by Vancouver dance and dance affiliated colleagues – for everyday use and enjoyment.


Printed 1 side – blank other side: $20 / Printed 1 side PLUS hand-painted words of your choice on other side $25

Tote profits go to Morrow and Jessica Han is donating her time to hand paint! As well, she will reinvest her 5$ commission into purchasing Morrow Items!

Dance Artist Lina Fitzner’s hand knit Socks.

Machine washable wool in warm or cold.
Fibre content: 75 -80% Pure Wool and 25 – 20% Nylon or Polyamide

Toddlers & Kids: 1 for $15 / 2 for $25

Big feets: $30

Big Feets in photo are examples. Lina can not something similar to what you see in the size of your choice. Please place a Special Order!

Serge Bennathan’s Magnets For The Soul – from his Paintings For The Soul Series. Miniature and magnetic! $25

This February, each magnet purchase contributes $8 to Butterflies in Spirit.

Silkscreened cards zines, stickers and limited edition prings by Aly dela Cruz Yip

Limited Edition Prints $25

Postcards and Zine: 4 for $20 with free Tender Queer Sticker

Barbed Wire Limited Edition Print 11 x 14
Floating Pelvis Limited Edition Print 7.5 x 11

Handsewn Unlined Journals $15

by Dance Artist Erika Mitsuhashi

Back In stock! Erika’s Journals! $15

Felted Cacti (the tiniest you’ve ever seen) with pouches

Tiny Dumplings (sooooooo tiny!) with pouches. Not edible unfortunately

by Dance Artist Erika Mitsuhashi

Cacti with pouch $25/ Dumpling with pouch $15

‘odds’ by Dance Artist Jess Wilkie

5.5 x 8.5 on watercolour paper – Watercolour and Ink $30

Ankara Clutches and Zipper Pouches

by Stephanie Ameyaw

Clutches $35 – $40

Pouches: Small $20 / Medium $25 / Large $30

December special: purchase a clutch or Large Zipper Pouch and take home a pair of free button studs!

Made from authentic Ankara recycled Ghanaian Cotton

Kokedama by Dance Artist Shana Wolfe

Kokedama Care: Spray with water once a week or place in a bowl of water until absorbed. Make sure it gets good light and doesn’t get too chilly!

Hand Painted Bookmarks by Lauren Yeung and Shannon May of Chalk Dance Collective

$25 for set of 5 bookmarks

Gently Subversive Hand Painted T-shirts by Jessica Han


Small Hand Painted Jars featuring feminists, activists and other inspiring and inspired folks – by Jessica Wadsworth

$30 for jars in stock

$40 to custom order a jar in the likeness of anyone you choose

Slipcast Ceramic Ocean Vessels (1 in stock)

by Interdisciplinary Artist Roxanne Nesbitt

Small Vessels $35

Tamanu Argan Face Oil / Rosemary Salt Coffee Body Scrub / Bergamot Lavender and Eucalyptus Massage Oil

by Dance Artist Francesca Frewer

Face Oil $30 / Large Scrub $13 / Small Scrub $10 / Massage Oil $25 / Hand Sanitizer 1 for $10 or 3 for $25 – Refillable for $9

Pocket size Hand Sanitizer 60% ABV to kill virus – with Aloe, TeaTree, Lavender, White Spruce 1 small for $10 / 3 small for $25 / 1 large for $20
Bergamot Lavender Eucalyptus Massage Oil $25
(Heavenly for massage or as a yummy residue free body moisturizer!)
Organic Face Oils & Body Scrubs

Beeswax Candles , Beeswax Sandwich Wraps, Beeswax Coconut Lip Balm

by Dance Artist Oksana Augustine

Candle $20

Beeswax Wrap $15

(combo of wrap and candle $30)

Lip Balm $7

Paper Pulp Art

by Sauha Lee

$60 unframed

$95 framed

Sauha’s intricate paper pulp pieces are created from repurposed quotidian things like pay stubs, tax forms and to-do lists, beautifully merged with plant materials such as Yucca, Dandelion and Spring Flowers – sourced from her work as a landscaper and elsewhere.


Artists Erika Mitsuhashi, Francesca Frewer, Antonio Somera

Mugs, T’s, artwork with illustrations by Tia Kushniruk

All proceeds to Here For Now

Here For Now Fundraising Merchandise

Terrariums and hand painted Cardsby Dance Artist Alina Sotskova

Alina is a dance artist and psychologist and is the Creative behind Voirelia Her terrariums come in several formats and each series is filled with items found on Coast Salish Land in the Pacific Northwest and/or souvenirs from her dance creations. The full collection can be viewed at the shop. A few examples here!

Crochet Items by Live Arts Producer and Stage Manager, Xin Xuan Song

Butterflies In Spirit

Scrunchies: 3 for $ 15

Small Vessels $25

Large Vessels $35

Tiny Vessel With Plant $30

Cyanotype Flora Photograms

by Dance Artist Julia Carr and her son Kirk

8×10: 1 for $25 / 3 for $50

Small: 1 for $10 / 3 for $25

Cyanotype Photograms of Flora from (covid-19 pandemic) Gardens

A Photogram is a photographic image made without a camera by placing objects directly onto the surface of a light-sensitive material such as photographic paper and then exposing it to light.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print.  Anna Atkins, one of the early female photographers, was also a botanist who used cyanotype photograms to identify plants for science. 

Julia’s archival watercolour papers have been hand-coated with light-sensitive chemistry and placed in an antique printing frame with freshly selected garden plant clippings for exposure to the sun.  Each piece is unique. 

Many pieces were created as collaborations between Julia and her 5-year old son Kirk. They found clippings, arranged compositions, and played hide-and-seek together while waiting for exposures. Since COVID-19 impacted Mother and child have had an increased interest in, and have spent more time exploring gardens around Vancouver. 

Capturing pretty, ephemeral textures from garden life in blue–an ode to making the most of present circumstances while also acknowledging the yoke of grief during these strange times.