The Mars Hotel

 The Mars Hotel is a vivacious ensemble work for dancers Noam Gagnon and Ziyian Kwan, accompanied by live musicians Peggy Lee, Aram Bajakian and JP Carter of the band Handmade Blade. Five elite performers bring to life, a series of whimsical and irreverent vignettes that unravel the word ‘love’. The Mars Hotel, which responds to author P.W. Bridgman’s flash fiction of the same title, has been described as ” deliberately askew – a queer take on love – that resists any totalizing grand narrative in favour of a slow accretion of episodes that are consistently off-kilter, that keep us off-balance and throw us off-course. ” Peter Dickinson, Performance, Place & Politics

Photos: David Cooper | Noam Gagnon & Ziyian Kwan

The Mars Hotel has been generously supported through artistic collaborations, presenting partnerships and funding organizations. Links:

Artists: Noam Gagnon / Vision Impure | Aram Bajakian | JP Carter | Peggy Lee | PW Bridgman | David Cooper: | Deanna Peters

Presenting Partners: The Firehall Arts Centre | Crimson Coast Dance | Dance Victoria | The Dance Centre

Funding: Canada Council For The Arts | The British Columbia Arts Council