Still Rhyming


Choreographed and performed by Ziyian Kwan in collaboration with songwriter and performer, Joseph Hirabayashi, Still Rhyming responds to the prose of Patti Smith. The piece considers the liminal space between what is real and what is imagined. Impressions from Smith’s ‘M Train’, invoke a danced Koan. Sometimes, a remembered sentence is a starting point for a neighbourhood of movement. Other times, a few lonely words bring into action, scenes and sonic scores. Still Rhyming invites the ghost within, to dance, assail and breathe, through a whimsical kinship of imagery, sound and motion.

photos: Katie Huisman / Jo Hirabayashi & Ziyian Kwan

Still Rhyming has been generously supported through artistic collaborations, presenting partnerships and funding organizations. Links:

Artists: Joseph Hirabayashi: | Katie Huisman

Presenting Partners: Vancouver International Dance Festival | The Shadbolt Centre For The Arts | The Dance Centre

Funding: Canada Council For The Arts | The British Columbia Arts Council