soft foot

soft foot is a spare and mesmerizing solo work, created for dancer Ziyian Kwan by choreographer Robin Poitras. Inspired by the mythological inheritance of the great bear constellation Ursa Major, soft foot unfolds as a visual and sonic feast. Its hybrid installation is at once elegant and raw, drawing us into a world that features text by Robert Bringhurst, soundscore by Jeff Morton, lighting by David Fraser and fur shoes by John Noestheden. soft foot is a captivating inter-play of movement, text and objects.

“…soft foot, choreographed as interplay of myth and body memory inspired by stellar constellation Ursa Major. Poitras creates pure candy as lithe dancer Ziyian Kwan navigates long rods and furry bear shoes “

soft foot had its Canadian premiere  November 2011 and has since been performed at Fluid Festival in Calgary, New Dance Horizons in toured Regina, The John Haar Theatre in Edmonton, at WinnipegContemporary Dancers and at Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge Festival.

soft foot is co-produced by dumb instrument Dance/ Ziyian Kwan and Rouge-gorge/ Robin Poitras.