Spells for Chinatown

Spells For Chinatown

For Asian Heritage Month on May 19th and May 29th, 2022: a 2nd edition of Spells For Chinatown! May 19th with dance artists Marisa Gold, Shion Skye Carter, Justin Calvadores, Sarah Wong, Ziyian Kwan and Musician Jo Hirabayashi. On May 29th with dance artists Lisa Mariko Gelley, Ralph Escamillan, Juolin Lee, Shana Wolfe and Taiko artist Kage. FREE! link to register

Spells for Chinatown is a two-tiered celebration of Asian Heritage Month conjured by Dumb Instrument Dance, Ziyian Kwan, Jo Hirabayashi and guest artists from Vancouver’s dance and music community. In 2021, every Thursday in May, we shared live installations of dance, Taiko and cello at Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

In tandem with live performances, we created a short video as part of Sawdust Collector’s Field Trip Series. The video was also presented by Dancing On The Edge Festival 2021 and will again be presented by CanAsian Dance Festival in March/April 2022. We’ll post a link soon!

To date this 2-tiered incanation for healing and has featured the performance collaboration of dance artists Marisa Gold, Shion Skye Carter, Lisa Gelley, Sarah Wong, Justin Calvadores, Kelly McInnes, Rianne Svelnis Ziyian Kwan, cellist Peggy Lee and Taiko artist Kage. Videography and musical composition: Jo Hirabayashi .

Co-produced by Dumb Instrument Dance, Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Barking Sphinx PerformancePowell Street Festival and Sawdust Collector