Solitaire BIPOC Residences

SOLITAIRE offers free space for solo research to BIPOC artists.

Evenings and afternoons, for a duration of one month – a space to dream, play and be.

SOLITAIRE ARTISTS: January 1 – March 31, 2021 are: Dance Artists: Justin Calvaderos / Hana Rutka / Marisa Gold / Marissa Wong / Madelaine Cruz / Juolin Lee / Lorelei Williams & Theatre Artist Anjela Magpantay

To support dance artist Lorelei Williams in her projects as founder of Butterflies In Spirit, Dumb Instrument is partnering with several Morrow artists to donate a portion of February’s sales to Butterflies In Spirit’s project in partnership with Sovereign Bodies Institute. The project utilizes dance as ‘healing practice for both Indigenous survivors of violence and their families, as well as those impacted by the crisis of Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls’.

SOLITAIRE is made possible through the generous support of City Of Vancouver Cultural Services