Artists at Morrow

Shion Skye Carter
Dance Artist

At Morrow: Shion and her sister Erin’s whimsical earrings

Erika Mitsuhashi
Dance Artist

At Morrow: Erika’s bolo ties, mini cacti, journals, Japanese cloth face masks

Sarah Wong
Dance Artist
photo; Mika Manning

At Morrow: Sarah’s Book, what misses, here and there there there

Alexa Solveig Mardon
Dance Artist

At Morrow: Alexa’s Book, The Talking Thinking Dancing Body

Hayley Gawthrop
Dance & Song Artist

photo: David Cooper

At Morrow: Hayley’s Word Necklaces

Francesca Frewer
Dance Artist

At Morrow: Francesca’s tote bags, natural face oils and body scrubs.

Sarah Doucet
Dance Artist and Jeweller

En route to Morrow: Sarah’s necklaces

Vines Artists

At Morrow:

T’s & Cards by Ida Manuel of Tiny House Warriors

nightshift, poetry book curated by Valeen Jules and Jaz Whitford

Tote Bags by Serisa Fitz-James

Anny Lin
Taiko Artist
photo: Fatima Jaffer

At Morrow: Anny’s Taiwanese Indigenous Glass Bead Bracelets & Necklaces

At Morrow: Stephanie’s Ghanaian Ankara Fabric Earrings, Clutches and Pouches

Sauha Lee
Landscaper and Paper Artist

At Morrow: Sauha’s Paper Pulp Crafts. Repurposed from plants and life

Jo Passed
Sound Artist

At Morrow: Jo’s Album Prime Time

Lydia Kwa

photo: Ronnie Hill

At Morrow: Lydia’s Book, Tree Shaman

Jackson Chien
Visual Artist

At Morrow: Jackson’s Watercolour / Ink Paintings on Rice Paper

Oksana Augustine
Dance Artist

At Morrow: Oksana’s personalized aura paintings, beeswax candles and lipbalm

Dena Davida
Live Arts Curator, Educator

At Morrow: Dena’s necklaces of beads and gemstones

Jessica Wadsworth
Cultural Manager / ED CADAWest

At Morrow: Jessica’s painted jars feature amongst other folks, feminist icons

Serge Bennethan
Dance & Visual Artist

At Morrow: Serge’s Paintings For The Soul

Ed Hunt
Visual Artist & Print Maker

At Morrow: Ed Hunt’s Croci Prints