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June-July 2021, 100% of Morrow’s profits from books authored by Indigenous artists will be donated to the Indian Residential School Surviors Society. As well, Nightshift, a Zine from Vines Festival Artists, has 100% of sales going to the artists. Huge thanks to Talon Books for curating a selection for Morrow. You can also visit Talon’s website and special order books through us!

Following this wonderful list of BIPOC authored books published by Talon, are self-published and other-published chapbooks, books, zines & LP’s. For several of these, 100% of sales go directly to the artists and/or charities of their choice.



by Marie Clements

by Marie Clements & Rita Leistner

The Edward Curtis Project – a modern picture story | $29.95

by Junie Désil

by Leanne Dunic

by Mercedes Eng

by Kim Senklip Harvey

Kamloopa – An Indigenous Matriarch Story $16.95

by Tomson Highway

by Wanda John-Kehewin

by Jónína Kirton

by Rahat Kurd

by Laiwan

by Kevin Loring

by Sachiko Murakami

by Cecily Nicholson

by Anahita Jamali Rad

by Janet Rogers

by annie ross

by Bev Sellars

by Tetsuro Shigematsu

by Drew Hayden Taylor

by Joshua Whitehead

by Dukesang Wong

by Annie York & Richard Daly & Chris Arnett



all proceeds to artists via Vines Arts Festival

Curated by Valeen Jules and Jaz Whitford

Curated by Valeen Jules and Jaz Whitford, the nighshift poetry book features queer Indigenous, Black, and People of Color creatives who bring healing to our communities and the land. Vines Arts Festival gathered these artists to honour their stories and deliver medicine to frontlines, elders, matriarchs, queers, lifegivers, and children. From Vines Arts Festival: “These are a few of many firekeepers of our hearts who will continue to fight for our sovereignty and write more poetry about it.”

Home Squat Home

Zine by Minah Lee


20% to Downtown East Women’s Centre – 80% to Minah

“words crack my broken brain” by Rosemary Xinhe Hu

words crack my broken brain by Rosemary Xinhe Hu

$25 – All proceeds to artist who donates a portion to eating disorder and mental health recovery groups.

Rosemary Xinhe Hu is an artist, a linguist, an immigrant, and a mentally ill person who lives well with bipolar. “words crack, my broken brain” is Rosemary’s first self-published chapbook. Themes scattered throughout this special little book include mental health recovery, cross-cultural language loss, the asian diaspora, and racism. Multiple poems in it were written in reflection on Rosemary’s time in 2018 spent in a Canadian psychiatric institution. Rosemary’s intention with this chapbook is to loudly share her continued journey into recovery while living with the cyclic mental illness of bipolar, and finding ways to live lightly along the way. She believes in the power of storytelling and passing on our shared lived suffering in order to continue to have faith in the future we cannot see, when we are facing a mental health challenge. Thank you for your support towards the radical and beautiful mentally ill community. 

tree shaman

by Lydia Kwa


– all proceeds to artist

what misses, here and there there there

by dance artist Sarah Wong


-all proceeds to artist

Nobody Knows I’m Chinese (mini zine)

by Multi Disc artist Aly dela Cruz Yip


The Talking Thinking Dancing Body

by dance artist Alexa Mardon

$17 / SOLD OUT

$5 from the sale of each of book goes to the Vancouver Black Therapy fund

The Other Moon Of Mr Figalio by dance and visual artist Serge Bennethan


Peter Dickinson‘s My Vancouver Dance Histories: $37.95 / SOLD OUT

Laesa Faith Kim
Author and Advocate

Laesa Faith Kim

Can’t Breathe $20

Can’t Breathe is a young mom’s compelling recollection of her medically complex daughter’s journey toward life. Evelyn Faith survives—she even thrives. But her path is unimaginably hard, riddled with pain and trauma, hope and miracles, and incessant uncertainty.

This beautifully written, harrowing book captures the nuances of life with a special-needs child. It is a map of the boundlessness of the human spirit and the love that drives parents onward whatever the cost. In this debut memoir, Laesa Kim reaches into her darkest and most private depths to share the truth—the struggles and joys she and mothers like her face each day.


Roxanne Nesbitt
Multi Media Artist

Roxanne Nesbitt’s LP Mandarins $20

From Graftican

Their Prime

by sound artist Jo Hirabayashi

LP $20 / Cassette $6

Echo Painting

by cellist/composer Peggy Lee

LP $20

CD $10