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Curated by Valeen Jules and Jaz Whitford

Curated by Valeen Jules and Jaz Whitford, the nighshift poetry book features queer Indigenous, Black, and People of Color creatives who bring healing to our communities and the land. Vines Arts Festival gathered these artists to honour their stories and deliver medicine to frontlines, elders, matriarchs, queers, lifegivers, and children. From Vines Arts Festival: “These are a few of many firekeepers of our hearts who will continue to fight for our sovereignty and write more poetry about it.”

tree shaman


what misses, here and there there there


The Other Moon Of Mr Figalio


Their Prime

LP $20 / Cassette $6

The Talking Thinking Dancing Body


$5 from the sale of each of book goes to the Vancouver Black Therapy fund

The Talking, Thinking, Dancing Body (TTDB) is a facilitated conversation about aesthetics, context and artistic process. Initiated in 2012 by Lee Su-Feh, it encourages speaking about dance from an awareness of our bodies as well as the world it lives in. It unabashedly interrogates dance through a lens that is concerned with anti-colonialism, anti-ableism, anti-racism and feminism. Since 2015 it has been co-facilitated by Sadira Rodrigues and Justine A. Chambers. In 2019 it is co-facilitated by Alexa Mardon and Rianne Svelnis, with guest artists.

The TTDB 2016-2018 book is a record, a dance, a response to the gatherings held at The Dance Centre between December 2016 and May 2018 by me, Alexa Solveig Mardon. Throughout each session I sat, listened, drew, spoke and scribed furiously on my laptop, catching edges and phrases and exchanges, laughter and gesture, tension, release. Multiple voices across multiple instances appear here, more often than not, recorded without note of their speaker. 

Peter Dickinson‘s My Vancouver Dance Histories: $37.95