morrow art

cover painting by Serge Bennathan and available at Morrow.

All proceeds from sales go directly to artists.

View and shop in person at Morrow: MWF 4:30 – 7:30pm / Sat 1 – 4pm / Closed Mon Aug 4

Or to make an appointment for viewing at alternate times, contact

336 West Pender

Aura Paintings by Dance Artist Oksana Augustine

Saturdays from Aug 8 – 29, Oksana is in residence at Morrow, painting people’s auras. By appointment at 11am / 1pm/ 3pm. Link to examples here Oksana’s Aura Paintings. Sliding scale and by appointment: $60 – $100.

Paintings by Jackson Chien

Morrow is thrilled to feature four of Jackson Chiens paintings. Jackson is the father of our colleague Sammy Chien, who is a a media, sound and dance artist. Jackson’s painting are water colour/ink on rice paper and are available at Morrow, framed or unframed.

Yellow River $1500

Sunrise of Maligna Lake $1200

Morning Light At Quiet Lake $1000

Sailing At Emerald Lake In The Morning $600

Paper Pulp Art by Sauha Lee

Sauha was introduced to us by Dance Artist Rianne Svelnis and brings to Morrow, a selection of small paper pulp crafts as well as this custom made two sided larger piece that is approximately 30 inches square. Created from 1 year’s pays tubs and Yucca plant fibres.

Croci Prints by Ed Hunt

Ed Hunt is a Visual Artist living and working in East Vancouver. His work was introduced to us by Heidi Taylor, who was dramaturg for Public and Private and who is Artistic Director of Playwrights Theatre Centre. Ed’s artistic practice is based in drawing and ‘the line’, focusing currently on Printmaking.  Please visit Ed’s Website, Instagram and Tumbler to view more of his work.

Morrow is featuring Ed’s Croci Prints that come in a variety of sizes on Kraft or Cotton Paper. Each print is distinct with beautiful qualities that reveal the printmaking process. To view a full selection please visit the store.

Croci: On Brown Kraft Paper $65 | On Cotton Paper: Small $150 / Large $220

Small Croci on cotton paper $150
Large Croci on Cotton Paper $220
Croci on Kraft Paper: $65

Paintings For The Soul By Serge Bennethan

Les Contes des livres voyageurs
Italian watercolour paper, 15cm X 40cm. Watercolour, ink. $200

La Nuit Voyage
Arches watercolour paper, 36cm X 51cm. 300 g/m2. Watercolour, ink. $450

Italian watercolour paper, 15cm X 40cm. Watercolour, ink. $200

La Rencontre
Italian watercolour paper, 38 1/2cm X 58cm. 200g/m2. Watercolour, ink. $450

Giant Dancing
Italian watercolour paper, 38 1/2cm X 58cm. 200g/m2. Watercolour, ink. $450

Le Temps des Géants
Watercolour paper, 31cm X 41cm, 300gm/m2. Watercolour, acrylic, ink. $450

Tournesols Rouges et Jaunes
Arches Watercolour paper, 76 1/2cm X 58cm, 300gm/m2. Watercolour, acrylic, ink. $700

Voyage au Mont Fuji $450

Bonjour, my name is Serge Bennathan.

I am a choreographer and since I was 6 years old, dance has been my life. My professional career started at age 18 when I joined Les Ballets de Marseille, France. Since then, I offer to dance all that I possess, physically and spiritually, and in return dance has been very generous with me. Because of dance, I believe in Spirit and because of dance I believe in Ghosts.

In my Tree of Life, dance is the trunk, thick and strong. The branches represent what I have discovered and what dance has introduced me to; it’s in and amongst these branches that I encountered painting.

I started to draw and paint during my choreographic researches, to explore creatively in a different stratum what I was trying to expose physically in dance. Slowly this branch of the tree grew, becoming an expression of my thoughts totally independent of dance.

Through my paintings, I am a storyteller trying to reflect a profound desire for poetry, the poetry of the human soul, its dreams, hopes, imagination and humour. I deeply believe in the healing potential of my paintings, they speak to our imagination and, through it, reconnect us with the beliefs of our beginnings.